Wednesday, April 28, 2010

This is a snow pea blossom in the garden. I have pulled them all out now, but we picked a bountiful bunch!
My party sign, (One of them!)

This is the "road kill" we had for the party......along with burgers and shrimp, and fish. AND........several other mouth watering foods! The road kill is a wild turkey Ken happened to hit with the car on his way back from the "land"......(Cedar Key, FL) It also was delicious!
Uncle Ken and Rachel.............she will be 14 in December. A straight A student!!

Party time!
My beautiful 4 layer chocolate cake!! SAME lady made this as did Ken and MJ's wedding cake. It is BEAUTIFUL and tasted WONDERFUL.

Last Saturday was a surprise birthday and Mothers Day party for me!! at Ken and MaryJo's. Yes, it's early for my B day (in June) but we are never in FL at that time. 50 helium balloons everywhere! Alice and Garry came, Jake was there and of course, we took Rachel who we are "babysitting" for 2 weeks while her parents are on a European cruise. Keith was supposed to come and I found out today that he was in the hospital for 4 days!! and didn't tell us. What's a mother to do??
This is the toy hauler! The back comes down like the 5th wheel we had, but the room is also a bedroom. It has a Murphy bed in it! How cool is that? A large slider that holds a couch and the dinette. It's really neat.

This is a banana bloom at the LazyDays RV where we bought our new toy hauler! Yes, we are going to "travel" again. Don't know where or when but it is going to happen!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

This is my rosemary bush! The more I cut it, the bigger it grows!! It sits under the ruby red grapefruit tree that is still loaded. Was a COLD winter and the tree didn't do much till late in the year.
My sister's broken radius!!

Garry, my sister, Alice, cousin Joan from IL, and Rock. I'm in the mirror! This was around Valentine's Day.

I planted snow peas this year, first time since the 70's!! I have to pick EVERY DAY they are growing so fast! Froze some today. They are sooo good!
Here's Sam sitting in his favorite place in the kitchen, on the counter! He looks out at night also, as we find him there at all hours of the night!

This is "Blue", a resident heron. I have never seen the inside of his mouth till this shot was taken. Quite interesting,eh?